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Roof leaks can be worrying and hard to find. But at JS Hannam Ltd, we pride ourselves on finding and repairing leaks. From a strange leak around a chimney to leaks in valleys or gulleys - whatever the problem - we can solve it for you.

We can help you with...

Roof repairs

Roof maintenance

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Will I need scaffolding?

This will depend on the access and extent of the the repair. Sometimes we can repair your roof using just our own equipment. But, if scaffolding is needed we will arrange it all for you.

If my roof is leaking does it mean I need a new roof?

Not always! Most of the time a leak does not mean the whole roof needs re-doing. It may just need some maintenance or repairs on a section of the roof. On our site visit, we can recommend the best course of action and provide multiple costings if required.

Will my home insurance cover the leak?

This depends on your policy, so we advise that you check that first. Usually it’s only storm damage that is covered by insurers, as others repairs are likely due to wear and tear. Either way, we will work along with you to make the repair cost effective.

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